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You Have Came To The RIGHT Place! [entries|friends|calendar]
Dr. Michelle and Hannah

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[06|09|2004 @ 3.21pm]
Name* Michelle
Age* 13
Female/Male* Female
Where Did you hear about this community? This is My community =D
Have you got banned from any other community? If yes, why? nope

Hope this helps u all!
<33 Michelle

Welcome!! [06|09|2004 @ 1.00pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Have You Ever Had A Problem Of Some Sort, and couldnt trust a sole? Well You've came to the right place! This is a place where you can help other people and we can help you too! You Post a comment of whats the matter, it can be about anything! And we will give you advice on what you should do, and so will the members! Also If its VERY personal, You MAY Post anonymously..


1. No RUDE anonymous comments.

 2. This Is a friendly Community!

3. Please Have GOOD advice not advice that can hurt people or there feelings.

4. If You dont follow thoes few simple rules you will be suspended for 3 days! if it is done again, you will be banned and never to be seen in this community again!

5. You Must Invite at least one person in here, go to our information page and chose a banner and simply place it in there LJ, Thanks. 6. When you Join you need to fill this out..

  • Name* 
  • Age*
  • Female/Male*
  • Where Did you hear about this community?
  • Have you got banned from any other community? If yes, why?

And You will Be all set! =)

Any Questions?

Comment and Ask!


blonde7  (Michelle)


xxsunshinexx_32  (Hannah)

Thank You For Joining!


problem_solverz <33*

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